Claramargaret H. Groover is a Florida Supreme Court certified circuit civil and appellate mediator. She is also qualified by the Florida Supreme Court to arbitrate Florida cases and is a Panel Arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association. She has practiced law over 30 years and is Florida Bar Board Certified in construction law. --- Questions? Please contact her at
Groover Dispute Resolution Claire brings over 40 years of practical and legal experience in commercial and construction dispute resolution to benefit the parties and counsel at meditation and arbitration. She understands what can cause commercial and construction disputes and how to help the parties resolve them at mediation. From an early age through graduation from college, she worked in her family’s construction, building supply, and development businesses. As an arbitrator, she serves the parties to provide due process, fairness, and competence in the law to reach a reasoned decision based upon the facts and the law.