Schedule your mediation now. Go to the Calendar to check available dates. You and the opposing party may identify mutually convenient days for the mediation. Then, just send an email to chgroover@grooveradr.com to secure the day.

Please request at least two (2) dates to make sure that counsel, parties, and mediator can appear. Also, make sure that you state where you want the mediation to take place – your office or the mediator’s at 390 North Orange Avenue; Suite 2300; Orlando, Florida 32801. We will respond as soon as possible (within 24 hours) to confirm the date, place, time, number of parties, mediator rate.  Also, please tell us who will be forwarding the Notice of Mediation.

For a private arbitration please email your request for such and the dates mutually available to all parties and counsel.  Ms. Groover will confirm the date and time for the call to conduct the preliminary hearing, address discovery issues and deadlines for compliance, and the final hearing. If the contract requires the arbitration to be administered through the American Arbitration Association (AAA), please contact the AAA case administrator.  At that time please request Ms. Groover as the mutually acceptable arbitrator.

Once conflicts are cleared and Ms. Groover has been qualified as the neutral, the mediation or the arbitration may proceed. Please forward any questions to chgroover@grooveradr.com.  We appreciate your contacting us.

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