“We get our grades every day” – or at least that was the expressed “theme of the day” in my first law office job.  We all are subject to that reality in our careers and workplaces.   All of us have a better chance to perform well when we have a clear picture of what is expected of us.  Arbitrators are no different.

Toward that end, the American Arbitration Association surveys arbitration participants to identify whether the arbitrator achieved the following goals:

  • Provided an efficient and economical arbitration
  • Was professional, fair, diligent, and courteous
  • Succinctly managed the arbitration process and hearing
  • Demonstrated sound decision-making skills
  • Issued a well-reasoned, well-written award
  • Possessed an impeccable demeanor and an even temperament

These are minimum requirements for arbitrator success.  Achieving these goals is what matters to me.